Best of both worlds

HB Chemical provides the resources of a
big company with the personal touch
of a small one. 


Why HB Chemical

HB Chemical started in 1986 with a passion for selling and an emphasis on customer care. Since its inception, it has become a leading distributor of chemicals and polymers to the rubber, plastic, and coating industries. The solid infrastructure of HB Chemical is centered around an experienced sales team, an efficient operation, and exceptional customer service. HB stocks more than 600 products in multiple warehouses throughout North America. HB is ISO 9001-2015 certified and has received numerous awards from industry organizations as well as appreciation and recognition from customers.

HB Chemical Mexico is an affiliated company with their corporate headquarters located in Toluca, Mexico. HB Mexico stores a diverse portfolio of materials in public owned warehouses that are sprinkled throughout the country. Our Mexico operation works closely with the US office to support customer needs. HB Mexico is currently undergoing their ISO 9001-2015 audit and should be certified by the fourth quarter of 2019.

In March of 2019, HB Chemical joined Ravago Holdings America, Inc. (Ravago), a robust, global leader in chemical distribution.  Ravago’s logistical resources, financial assets, global presence, and diverse supplier portfolio will be gradually integrated with HB Chemical’s customer oriented processes and our unparalleled personal approach to service. This alliance has further improved the efficiency of our operations and will continue to enhance our ability to meet the needs of our customers.