HB Chemical

About Us


1985: HB Chemical is founded by Hill Browning

1997: HB Chemical moves into its first office and warehouse facility on Ascot Parkway in Cuyahoga Falls, OH

2001: HB Chemical becomes ISO 9001 certified

2006: The Cuyahoga Falls facility expands to accommodate for rapid growth

2009: Jeff Rand purchased HB Chemical from Hill Browning and becomes President of the company

2013: HB Chemical moves to its current location in Twinsburg, OH – 110,000 square feet of space

2018: HB Chemical opens a warehouse in Bremen, GA to facilitate the busy southern market

2019: HB Chemical is acquired by Ravago Holdings Inc. but maintains its operational control

2020: Jeff Rand moves on to a different role within Ravago and Joe Moran takes the reigns atop HB Chemical

2022: HB Chemical experiences two exciting changes.

In April, J Drasner and Co. is acquired and is folded into HB Chemical adding low melt poly bags and film to the line card
In August a second warehouse in Twinsburg, OH is opened – 96,000 square feet of space

2023: On January 1 Ravago realigns the rubber business under HB Chemical – including the DOW Nordel and G&E Ravaflex lines as well as various other prime and off grade materials.